Belatedly celebrating …

V Kannan, who bears his 62 years rather lightly, belatedly celebrated his birthday at Saraswati Vidyalaya, two Sundays ago. And it was indeed a cause for celebration. Kannan has completed his chemo for intestinal cancer and his oncologist had suggested he should learn Tai Chi to help restore his body’s ability to heal.
His search for a class ended when he saw the Flowing Wheel demo workshop at Chembur Festival in March and he joined us immediately.
Kannan is a cheerful energetic person and is actively involved with counselling other cancer patients. He is often called up by his own doctor to lend support to someone who is feeling low or a bit depressed. And Kannan tells us that his reserves of energy are greatly strengthened by the Tai Chi that he has been practising. And he is very sincere in his practice.
Girija, his wife, told us that he was feeling much better since he joined … much better in terms of energy and positivity.
Kannan says that his own doctor thinks he would love to learn, as well.