This is to certify that Mr. Rakesh R. Menon has undergone intensive Huang Tai Chi training with Association of Tai Chi Huang Malaysia, Kepong WPKL Branch

We found Rakesh to be respectful, diligent and punctual throughout the entire duration of training. Rakesh is a martial artist having extensive background in self-defense and healing and with his knowledge and understanding in Huang Tai Chi, I am sure he will achieve a higher level in these fields.

In Huang Tai Chi we always uphold the vision of our late Grand Master Huang Sheng Shyan, i.e “Tai Chi as One Family “. It is no surprise that students of Huang Tai Chi continue to propagate not only the skills of Huang Tai Chi but more importantly, the Tao.  I am very pleased to have Rakesh as a follower of Huang Tai Chi notably his warm personality and enthusiasm and feel confident that he will propagate Huang Tai Chi in India for the health benefits of mankind just like many of the Huang Tai Chi students who have spread the art to many parts of the world.

We look forward to seeing Rakesh again, be it in India or in Malaysia and wish him well in his pursuit of Huang Tai Chi. 

Len Lee Nam

Instructor-Tai Chi Huang Malaysia & China


Rakesh is a genuinely dedicated student of the internal martial arts and yoga of Tao. I am a teacher who has little time for egoic bravado. My time with Rakesh in recent years has proven to produce solid value as Rakesh serves to his upmost in the capacity of a heart-felt instructor. I look forward to my next Mumbai visit and sharing of the Inner Way with my good friend.

Sifu Dai


Fitness – if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body. Unfortunately it does not come in a bottle. But fortunately for us, in Mumbai, we have Rakesh Menon. From Tai-chi to tighter thighs, from mastering sit ups to learning self defence — Rakesh can teach it all! Get phsical, get healthy with Rakesh.

Rakesh, gave me the encouragement and discipline to do crunches and situps. He also taught me “tricks” through which i could learn self defence. The last session always involved breathing exercises, which allowed me to be refreshed and ready for the day ahead
Ramesh S. Damani

Director – Ramesh S Damani Finance Pvt. Ltd.

BSE Member


Tai Chi with The Flowing Wheel

When I first joined Rakesh Menon’s Tai Chi class, I did not know what to expect from the form or the teacher. My friend’s daughter recommended the class and I joined out of sheer curiosity. Rakesh turned out to be very friendly and accessible as a teacher and encouraged me to think more deeply about Tai Chi and its benefits. It is entirely due to Rakesh’s dedicated efforts to teach me in a systematic and disciplined way that I have had unprecedented health benefits. I have acquired greater sense of balance and poise.

Rakesh Menon is a wonderful teacher and above all he is a great human being. The two are definitely connected I am sure. I have no hesitation in recommending his class to anyone. He is no less than a Sensei when it comes to Tai Chi.

Mahesh Dattani
Playwright and stage director


Rakesh is not only a really good teacher but also someone who incorporates the principles of taichi in his personal life. Interacting with him has been an enriching experience as a student and as a person

Kunal Kapoor – Actor


Rakesh has not only been a teacher to me, but also a guide and friend.

He has the magic of being ‘ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU’  that very few teachers are able to create.

I had come to learn TAI CHI not out of curiosity but out of necessity of a medical condition after a very bad accident unable to walk properly. With his skill for teaching and instilling in me a mind over matter and pain attitude so much so today i am able to not just walk but also take part in sports which were only a dream at one point of time.

I have to admit that i was a very slow learner of TAI CHI and HO CHUAN, but Rakesh as always was never flinching in his support, very patient,very understanding and true to his calibre taught me with deligence.

As a personality he is humble, devoid of any ego, a gentleman to the core, always ready to impart knowledge, well versed in the martial arts and taking a view of life even at its worst that would make even the most difficult times in life seem easy.

Having such a person as a friend and mentor is a blessing in itself.”

Best Wishes,

Terence Lewis

Many years ago I had asked a young Chinese acquaintance if he could Tai Chi and would he teach it to me. Well, I was pretty roundly discouraged … to learn Tai Chi I had to understand the philosophy, it had to be done only early in the morning, out in the open … and … so … on.

So it was a prayer answered when, three years ago, my daughter-in-law brought me a pamphlet of the Flowing Wheel. The yin-yang logo said it all.

When I contacted Rakesh, one of the three names on the page, I found an encouraging person to whom my age, 58 years, did not seem a deterrent. I was welcome he said.

It has been a very satisfying journey. A journey of self-discovery and pushing limits … and promise of much more to come.

The hard form routines tax and challenge the physical stamina, flexibility and endurance; the soft form routines enhance these by building up the spirit, by teaching the body to obey the breath and just letting go.

The philosophy is imparted as and when, it substantiates the physical manifestation not prevent the learning.

The regular classes are fun, and the annual camps are rigorous and not-to-be-missed.

Rakesh has the ability to pay individual attention to each one … intuitively gauging potential and limits and working with them with patient encouragement.

To see him demonstrate is watching fluidity and grace embodied, poetry in motion. A situation that I would like to be in someday

Abha Sah


I am so glad that I learn Tai Chi from Rakesh Menon. He is kind, gentle, patient, caring, and such an optimist! He gives each one of his students individual attention and encouragement.

Watching Rakesh perform Tai Chi is grace personified.

Ever since I started doing Tai Chi with Rakesh I have felt energised and in touch with the universe!

I can think of no better person in Mumbai to learn Tai Chi from!

Ayesha Sayani


As a Teacher – Excellent Tai Chi and Chinese Kung Fu expert and teacher. His teaching methods are really good to match the taste and need of each individual student. Even though I am not an expert in Martial arts or in Thai Chi, I was very lucky to be his private student for about 2 years.

As a person – Very nice guy and down to earth.  Another big quality – he is very very punctual. I have never seen any other person in my life so punctual as Mr.Rakesh Menon. During my 2 years private training with him (3 times a week), he was late only one day for 15 minutes due to train strike.

About my self – settled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the Managing Director of LALSHIP Sdn Bhd, a shipping firm based in Kuala Lumpur.

Lal Thomas, Managing Director, LALSHIP Sdn. Bhd


I had a severe back problem when I visited Rakesh to learn Tai Chi- He first ensured that he understood exactly why I wanted to learn Tai Chi, what problems I had and only then he went ahead with my training which he customised accordingly. He ensured that he always gave his very best. Within a month my back pain reduced dramatically. Rakesh not only taught me Tai Chi but a way to live a healthy life. Rakesh is one of the best instructors I have worked with and I recommend Rakesh Menon highly to any one who not only wants to live a healthy and fit life thru Tai Chi but also some one who wants to grow Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.  Happiness always,Nishith Shetty

TUTIS Resource Management Pvt. Ltd
Hotel Sharada International Pvt. Ltd.
NiVin Met
Brightstar Global

[Also a First Degree Blackbelt from ACE Academy]


“Some say it’s a form of a slow dance, some call it a martial art but for me Tai-Chi is the sense of being, a sense of pristine alertness and a gradual sense of self awareness. It builds you brick by brick in every aspect of your character. All you need to do is learn the art and follow the master with complete sincerity. I thank my master Mr Rakesh Menon for imparting this knowledge to me flawlessly… and I am still learning…”.


I joined the Flowing Wheel class, conducted by Rakesh Menon , in April ,2005 ,which was the inaugural batch , in Chembur .

The class has been functional every sunday morning for the past 4 years. Attending the classes has helped transform me physically, mentally and emotionally . From a physically unfit , anxiety ridden individual, Rakesh has with great patience and through regular practice helped me understand myself better , which in turn has helped me overcome most of my insecurities.

Even though it is a fairly rigorous martial art form , the classes are conducted in a very informal and easy manner, emphasising more on the relaxation, de-stressing and enjoyment of the experience.

Albert Mathews


I started practicing Tai Chi with Mr Rakesh Menon in the year 2000. During those years I used to be a late riser and was so sure that I would not be able to continue, as I was  busy socializing every night. But there was something which I felt, which I still cant explain, that made me practise continuously till today. There was a total change within me. I got disciplined, got good energy, no more feeling lethargic  the whole day, no yawning. I Started losing weight, not only that my body became V shaped, all bulges started disappearing. I started looking taller as I got slimmer and I derived many many more benefits from tai chi. If you have time just google tai chi in your computer and find out many more benefits of tai chi.

I am very grateful to the Almighty that I got introduced to Tai Chi and more because of Rakesh teaching me Tai chi. Rakesh is a wonderful human being and the best tai chi teacher one can ask for, having perfect knowledge of the art. To practice with Rakesh is like flowing with Nature. Above all he is a down to earth person having lots of patience & is very punctual. No other name comes in my mind other than Rakesh if I have to recommend to anyone. My best wishes & blessings to Rakesh.

Aziz (Munna) Javeri

Chairman of                               Partner

A Joyeria Art Foundation       Joy Shoes at Taj Mahal, Mumbai


Tai chi is a wonderful system ,combining exercise and meditation. You can practice it according to your needs. Rakesh Menon is a dedicated and experienced teacher, with a thorough grasp of his subject. He gives unstintingly of himself as a teacher, combining enthusiasm with patience. He is passionate about tai chi. It is his calling in life, as any of his students will testify. As an actor, I found tai chi particularly beneficial. In addition to improving the mind-body connection(like yoga), tai chi is movement oriented. So it creates a spatial awareness and teaches you to move in a controlled, co-ordinated and precise manner. Any actor would find that valuable and learning under Rakesh will give you excellent value for your money.

Kenny Desai


Rakesh is such a patient instructor with a wonderful, caring spirit.  He goes far beyond the mere physical requirements of teaching the moves of Tai Chi, further helping his students to understand the spiritual impact and the physical benefits of our practice

Mike S. Perry

Director of Band, American School of Mumbai


There are times when you just know that something’s for you. It’s been that way ever since I watched a Taichi master practice his form. A Grandmaster said “Anyone who can walk, can practice taichi”. However, it’s only a master who appears to be effortlessly weightless during forms. This becomes quite apparent when Rakesh demonstrates various routines with easy energy and grace.

Ive always enjoyed my Sundays at Chembur. Rakesh draws from a vast repertoire of practical martial arts and can relate each taichi movement to its combat version in the external hard forms. He has the ability to make the class interesting. His guidance is precise and can change ones experience altogether. His approach towards each student is holistic rather than ‘right-wrong’ so everyone is all right today but gets better tomorrow.

An outstanding feature of the class is its super-flexible structure which allows freshies to learn alongside more advanced students. This helps me stand along with regular students quite easily even though my job keeps me away for months at a time.

Taichi has helped me physically and mentally. Im glad that ive chosen this path and hope to keep progressing day by day.

Skanda Reddy


I am a 45 year old homemaker, who suffered previously from allergies, vertigo and breathing problems. I started Tai Chi with Rakesh in 2005 in Bandra, and have noticed a great deal of improvement in my health.

Rakesh teaches us with such patience, he never hesitates to repeat a step any number of times before we get it right. He is knowledgeable, observant and calm, and encourages us to move ahead.

Having benefited from  Rakesh’s lessons, I highly recommend him as a teacher and a mentor to all those who might want to learn Tai Chi.

Anne-Marie Rego


I have been studying Tai Chi and Chi Kung with Rakesh for over a year now. His skill  in communicating his deep knowledge clearly, with patience and good humor , make all his classes informative without being dull. I am always amazed at how he manages to keep track of individual students in the class, who are at different stages, and deal with their queries and problems as if it was a one to one session. I admire the patience with which he deals with the same query again and again ,without making the student feel like a fool ,making sure  that the concept is understood. I am truly grateful to him for what I have learnt from him and hope to learn a lot more.

Vijay Kalanjee
Radia sons & Co. Pvt.Ltd


I would like to ask Rakesh’s wife at an opportune moment that is he as cool as he appears to be when he is training his students ? My accurate guess makes me believe that her answer would be in the affirmative. Thus it  is not just a facade but Rakesh’s persona itself is ‘cool’ depicting his inner self to be really calm – an attribute that a Guru should possess !

Such a quality combined with his unassuming and humble self, makes Rakesh stand out amongst many a teachers I have come across in my entire sports and holistic self-improvement trainings I have undertaken since my childhood. I am one of those fortunate ones who have come across this wonderful human being called Rakesh Menon and learning Tai chi under him has made me a much calmer person. I am thankful to him as I have learnt to remain calm in this hectic and pressurized life style we are all living on day-to-day basis.

I recommend Rakesh’s training not just for Tai Chi but for many other “values” in life ! Meet Rakesh, train with him and Rakesh’s Tai Chi will take you forward in life !

Ram Kotak


For the last 5 years I had been hunting for Tai Chi classes; I found a few but not being satisfied, I never joined them. One day, I saw a colleague practising something and upon asking was told ‘It’s Tai Chi’ and she asked me to get in touch with Rakesh. When I did, I felt really very good hearing a warm and cheerful voice greeting me on the other side of the line. The next thing, I found myself at his class.

As soon as I joined, I was informed of a Lonavala camp which he had organized. I decided to go for the camp. At the camp Rakesh introduced me to his students from other batches and I was amazed to meet people from all walks of life and ranging from 5 years to 65 years.

At the camp Rakesh taught us the Healing sounds, Defense techniques and showed us the traditional form of Tai Chi. He took us for a trek down 2500 ft. of mountain side and up. An experience to remember always!

Tai Chi is a phenomenal art! It’s exciting to feel the energy flow and develop. I am grateful to Rakesh Menon for this and I congratulate him on a job well done!

Raksha Tanna

Solicitor & Advocate High Court