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The School and the Founder

Universal Taichi Qigong School is an Institution dedicated to fostering the learning of various Martial arts and other skills for Personal development and Healthy living.

Founded in 2003 by Rakesh Menon, Universal Taichi Qigong School is involved in teaching Kung Fu-Wushu, Tai chi, Qigong (Chi Kung) and Functional Fitness.

Rakesh Menon has a rich background in Martial and Internal Healing Arts. He commenced his training in Kungfu-Wushu in 1990 at the Universal Martial Arts Research Center. He also received his basic grounding in Taichi and chi Kung during this period. He moved on to advanced training in Taichi & Chi Kung under Sifu Dai Leon, a direct disciple of Master Gia Fu Feng. He has undertaken advanced courses in Chi Kung and the Healing Tao system at the Universal Healing Tao Center in Thailand under the tutelage of Grand Master Mantak Chia and senior teachers Walter & Jutta Kellenberger and is now affiliated with this Institution.

Rakesh teaches Yang style and Huang style of Taichi, the latter of which is learned in Kepong, Malaysia under Master Lee Nam Len, Assistant Grand Master at the Association of Huang Taichi, Malaysia. UTCQG School is affiliated with this Institution too.

UTCQG School creates opportunities for experimental learning for people desirous of building and enhancing their self-awareness, health, and quality of life.

The methodology is experimental in nature and highly interactive where each student receives individual attention in a safe environment and a supportive group.

UTCQG School creates an environment of expression, experimentation, and learning by discovery.

UTCQG School conducts regular classes in Tai Chi chuan, Qigong, Kung-fu Wushu, and Functional Fitness. It also conducts workshops on Stress Management, self-defense, and revitalization Exercises for Corporates at various Mumbai centers.

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Rakesh Menon: +91 9819459694 | Email: [email protected]