Taoist meditation practice starts with opening the Microcosmic Orbit. According to Mantak Chia’s Awaken Healing Energy through the Tao, The Microcosmic Orbit practice is the beginning of the process of the integration of mind and body in Taoist esoteric practice

The Microcosmic Orbit is a meditation practice in which you focus on circulating your life force through two of the most important energy channels in your body. These two channels, the Functional (Ren Mai), and the Governor, (Du Mai), connect in a flowing circle going up the spine, over the head, and down the front center of the body.  The front and back channel are joined to form a circuit of continuous energy flow.  This circuit is called the Microcosmic Orbit.

We all have a healing energy within us that sustains us, a life force energy. To Awaken Healing Energy simply means getting in touch with this natural energy within us and learn to cultivate it to increase the flow.

It’s something we can all learn to access and increase, for instance, by learning the Microcosmic Orbit meditation or the Iron Shirt Chi Kung standing postures

Ultimately, growth, change, and transformation happens holistically impacting our body and mind, our emotions and spirit. To awaken healing energy is to bring about a transformation, turning something negative to something positive and useful.  Holistic healing, new age healing, spiritual healing all awaken the body to heal itself.

To awaken healing energy means to access the energy within that keeps your system in balance to maintain a happy community within and among the different organs and glands and bodily functions.  All the way down to a cellular level, to awaken healing energy is to bring movement to any stagnation. Like removing a stick from a river, water then moves freely without obstruction.

This healing energy can flow just like the way a small stream leads to a larger river, expanding and increasing in volume.  Or, like the way electricity works, how it can light up a lamp or light up a city, depending on the amount of energy that is directed through the wire.  

When we pay attention and learn to direct this energy we can become stronger.  We can develop inner strength as well as outer strength and confidence. Cultivating your energy will make it grow. ignite this energy and healing light within.


  1. Hi Raksha K-1, C-7, T-11 point r the points in our body dealing with the microcosmic movements, K-i is the kidney -1 point, c-7 is the point on the cervicle region- 7th vertebrae, T-11 is the mid spine basically the Chi-chung.
    For ur 2nd question about the martial system- its all the practice which makes u confident to deal with the situation. If u r practicing the tequenics of any martial arts for some years then naturally it will help u in dealing with these kind of situation. The breathing will ofcourse make u calm & help u in understanding the situation well & the practice will help u in coming out of it

  2. When you are under attack, how is it possible not to be tensed and relax and allow the energy to flow??? Meditation will help, but the first reaction is .. you are scared .. what to do then??? Running is the best option…:) but apart from that…

  3. Must share something about the Microcosmic. Remember last Sunday we did it in class … and in the end Rakesh commented ‘that was good’ and I agreed it was verry good … well by the end of it I was so thoroughly relaxed, it was amazing.

  4. Strange … I notice the diagram does not show ‘philtrum’ or ‘tan tien’ … I wonder why … is it because they are not part of either channel but starting and ending points?

    1. I think the tan tien is shown as the “sea of chi”. Pilcrum and the passage through the tongue as we practise it are bypassed going directly from third eye to hollow of the throat in the diagram

  5. It’s amazing … I have experienced blocks being removed and the chi starting to flow better … long way to go though …

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